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rooted in sustainability...bringing seed ideas to bloom in reality™️

the original twig & petal®️

we are a collective of like-minded saps who ❤️ to design and make a difference in the lives of others, through the inspired environments we create. focus our talents within branches of Interiors + Branding. rooted in sustainability 🌱and natural principles since our first season in 2003. we cultivate fresh cut, authentic solutions. dedicated to innovative thinking and collaborative genius.

our CCO(Chief Canine Officer), Izz, keeps us grounded and reminds us to have fun. she offers all of our clients free hugs, high fives and is known to plant kisses.

we look forward to helping you cultivate your inspiration! 

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strategy + identity + graphics + collateral


conceptual + commercial + environments + furniture + hospitality + interior + retail + visual

Rooted in Sustainable Practice

LEED AP and environmentally conscious strategies, holistic architectural design solutions and sustainable materials 

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rooted in sustainability, we are a creative lab dedicated to innovative thinking, unique solutions and collaborative genius 

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twig & petal®️

planted in Phoenix, we're growing! with propagates in Seattle and Chicago- our designs are blooming all over. our work takes us everywhere.